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VCS2020 Campaign

In February 2019, VCS launched our most ambitious Capital Campaign yet: VCS2020. VCS2020 aimed to raise $11.5 million to support expanding our facilities, growing our Endowment and advancing our philanthropic tradition grounded in Annual Fund Giving. And in conjunction with VCS’s 50th year anniversary, we not only achieved our goal but surpassed it, raising a total of $11,800,000!

Early leadership donors embraced this challenge with great enthusiasm, pledging over $9.5 million as of February 2019, and gifts of all size from every corner of the community followed. Our community’s generous support of our vision has ensured we are able to continue our legacy of K-8 leadership, with Endowment at a record high and a state-of-the-art building nearly ready for its unveiling.

While VCS2020 fundraising had concluded, fundraising for our Endowment and the Eve K. Kleger Fund for Financial Assistance continues.