VCS2020 Campaign

In February 2019, VCS launched our most ambitious Capital Campaign yet: VCS2020. VCS2020 aims to raise $11.5 million to support expanding our facilities, growing our endowment and advancing our philanthropic tradition grounded in Annual Fund Giving. 

Early leadership donors embraced this challenge with great enthusiasm, pledging over $9.5 million as of February 2019. We invite every VCS family to participate in this transformational initiative. Each gift makes a meaningful difference to the future we are building together.

Capital Campaign gifts are the gifts the school grows by; Annual Fund gifts are the gifts the school lives by. We encourage contributors to VCS2020 to do so with the intention of maintaining or increasing their support of the Annual Fund.

The excitement around VCS2020 continues to grow. We look forward to celebrating achieving our goal in conjunction with VCS’s 50th year.

For more details, please review our:

VCS2020 Campaign Statement

Renderings of New Building Addition

Frequently Asked Questions

Campaign Launch Video